Our goal for this project is to provide a supportive and loving space for up and coming youth hip hop artists. Music is a powerful tool to engage transformative change. This art has been a healing force for many Oak Park young people impacted by violence and systemic oppression. Instead of recreating the wheel, we would like to elevate Oak Park’s young hip hop artists by providing them access to professional equipment and professionalization so that they are prepared to actualize their abilities, talents, goals and dreams. We will provide artists access to Black-owned studio, mentors, videographers, photographers and marketing professionals.

The program will have numerous benefits. It will provide young artists with support and professionalization. Young artist will learn the field of business, financial literacy and community organizing. Young artists will share their art with youth in the community substantially increasing the impact of the program. Moreover, young artists will be more equipped to pursue their passion with community support and resources. They will be able to better establish themselves in the future. Our hope is that this program will be a Black centered wealth generator for young artists and their families.

This program will be managed by a ROYAL lead youth organizer Antione Ford (A.I. Dayoungan) alongside advisor Cynthia Brito. We will hold artist showcases where young people will be expected to commit to the program. This will ensure artist development and professionalization.